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Cotton Table Collections

I know it’s only October, but I’m already feeling thankful.  As I look back on the last 10 years and how Cotton Table Ceramics has grown, I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love and share my artwork and passion for hospitality with y’all. This business of mine has grown from painting pottery for my gift shop into a wonderful international partnership, and the number of items we carry in our standard collections has grown right along with it!  I’m so proud of all of these collections- it is impossible to pick a favorite.  Each one has their own personality, and each one is special to me for a different reason.  Do you have a favorite?

If you like to collect seasonal accent pieces, you might love our bright and festive Holiday collection.  This one is wonderful because there are actually two designs to choose from or to mix and match: Santa or Nativity. With the many different sized items in both, there are gift options for everyone’s budget! We also have a few beautiful Spring and Easter designs in the Holiday collection as well.

The softer hues of the Mississippi Magnolia and Cozy Cotton collections also coordinate well together.  Both have lovely soft blues and greens and are neutral enough to add a touch of charm to any number of color schemes.  The Cozy Cotton collection is, naturally, our largest collection with the most variety.  Some pieces feature a sweet chapel or peaceful barn tucked away in a field of cotton, while others show off fluffy cotton bolls or stalks. The result is a delightful variety that, together, makes for a beautiful display.

Much like the Cozy Cotton line, there is a natural, rustic beauty to the Farm To Table collection, but with deeper, earthy tones.  This design boasts a variety of fresh vegetables that look as if they came right out of the garden! I love the character and vibrant color these pieces bring to an appetizer spread.

For a playful, coastal feel, we also have the By the Sea collection with hand-painted shrimp, blue crabs, and oysters circled in the blues and greens of the ocean.  These pieces are perfect for decking out the dining room of a beach or lake house- or just making your home feel like one! Again, this line has a variety of designs to create your own unique presentation for your seafood feasts.

And finally, I’m excited to share that we have an Everyday collection coming at the end of the year, made for all seasons and matching many of our collection pieces. I’ll be sharing more about this as the release gets closer, so make sure you’re signed up for updates and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Not only is each collection different, but each individual piece of hand-painted pottery is as well.  That’s how our customers can know that our items are high-quality, carefully created works of art. It also may mean there are variations in colors or design, but I think that makes it even more special.  No two pieces are exactly alike!

Do you have a favorite collection? Or an assortment of favorite pieces from more than one? Share your photos in the comments or send them to me to feature in upcoming blogs!


PS Don’t let time get away from you! There is limited stock on some of these collection items, and the absolute last date for orders to arrive by Christmas is December 7th. Happy shopping!

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