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Best Ever Game Day Cheese Dip

One thing I love about fall and winter and football, is it’s a great excuse to eat, eat, eat and eat some more.  Also, just like those prego cravings, I swear cold weather cravings are the real deal my friends.  I crave soups, stews and comfort foods of all kinds.  Especially the savory!  If its hot and if its salty, I want it.  True story.  So if you’re giving your chin the old “what shall I make that’s a wonderful, bad for you, because its football and I can, indulgence” tap, look no further.  Tomorrow night is the National Championship, and you wont regret this yummy goodness….even the aftermath of indigestion…totally worth it.

My hubs and I have been working on perfecting the tried and true velveeta cheese dip with a twist for a while.  We’ve had our ups and down throughout the process but really, my man has struck velveeta gold as of late and Im not complaining.


  • 16oz Kraft Velveeta Queso Blanco Cheese
  • 16oz Tennessee Pride HOT (Optional) country sausage
  • 14oz can diced tomatoes
  • 10oz Rotel
  • 8oz Incredible Fresh Tri Pepper Mix (produce setion)
  • Incredible Fresh Diced Jalapeno (produce section) *as much as you want*

Cooking Prep

Cook your sausage until browned then drain.  Drop that cooked sausage in the crock pot.  Chop up velveeta into 1/6 chunks and add it to the sausage.  Add all other ingredients and set your crock pot to low.  It’s ready to eat when that velveeta has cooked down and you’ve given those veggies a chance to soften up a bit (typically an hour and a half).

Now dig in with your favorite tostitos scoops or fritos.  I’m a frito girl myself!

Ceramic platters can be found on our By The Sea page here


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