Southern Design

After returning to the South and graduating from Auburn University with a degree in art, Hilary married her husband and opened a gift shop in Huntsville, Alabama. When customers came in seeking something unique to showcase local landmarks or personal milestones, Hilary began creating them herself. She painted on Italian bisque, chosen both for its sturdy, solid structure and for the unique character of each individually made piece. Her designs became increasingly popular and demand for the pottery grew quickly- just like Hilary’s family! When she was expecting her second baby, Hilary decided to sell her shop. She turned her focus soley to ceramics (and her family) and grew Cotton Table Ceramics out of her home studio.

As demand increased, so did Hilary’s partnership with the family-run ceramics business in Italy. Today, Hilary’s bisque comes directly from Italy, straight to her Huntsville studio, where hand painted designs are then created and custom orders are born. Just like in her gift shop nearly ten years ago, she is hard at work creating treasures that represent local landmarks, commemorate special occasions, and bring a piece of a favorite team or town to the table. Hilary’s hope for Cotton Table Ceramics has remained the same over the years; she wants to provide customers with the assurance that as much love and attention goes into each piece of pottery as it does the food presented on it.